Undergraduate courses

CHM1501 (Winter 2016) - Experimental Chemistry: This course is offered to first year chemistry students. It's an introduction to the basic concepts of analytical, physical and organic chemistry.

Graduate courses

These are not offered every year, contact me for more information.

Functionalised ionic liquids: Introduction to ionic liquids, history and properties. Concept of ionic liquid modification with different functional groups and their application in energy storage and conversion systems. The slide are available here (in French only).

Electroanalytical chemistry: Introduction to basic electrochemical concepts and to electrochemical cell thermodynamics. Faradaic and non-faradaic reaction, electrical double-layer, mass transport and kinetics of electrochemical reactions. Analytical methods based on potentiometry and amperometry are studied and compared. Electrode modification is presented for the development of electrochemical biosensors.

Analytical chemistry of interfaces: In-depth study of several types of interfaces (electrodes, modified surfaces, electroactive organic layers). Techniques and methods for interface analysis and coupled techniques for in-situ studies at electrodes. Application to the study of materials for energy storage and conversion.

Related activities

Lectures on energy storage developed for high school and collegial students (contact me for details).